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Increasing access to training and support for the mental health and well-being workforce

We're here to prioritize opportunities for mental health and well-being workers living and practicing in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties and other Washington communities. 

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September 20-22, 2024
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Who We Are

Located in Lacey, WA, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing continuing education resources for the mental health and wellbeing workforce in South Puget Sound communities and throughout Washington. 

Our goal is to increase access to low- and no-cost workforce development opportunities that have been identified as unmet needs and that will support increased local capacity for the provision of services that are:

  • high quality

  • culturally attuned

  • developmentally appropriate

  • neurobiologically respectful

What We're All About

  • Have you noticed that most training opportunities are concentrated in large urban areas of the state, making them inaccessible for people living and working in other areas? We bring these valuable learning opportunities to our community for more flexible and accommodating access.

  • Are you in private practice or part of an organization with a limited or non-existent budget for continuing education, particularly intensive training? We subsidize training expenses to provide learning opportunities at low- or no cost.

  • Do you want to learn how to better serve clients with identities different from your own? Data shows that the mental health workforce in WA is, in many ways, not representative of the clients they serve. We offer learning opportunities to support mental health professionals' ability to provide culturally relevant and respectful services to clients with diverse identities, abilities, and life experiences.

The 6 Rs

So, what are the 6 Rs that the organization is named after? The NeuroSequential Model of Therapeutics, developed by Dr. Bruce Perry, describes six elements of interactions between people that are needed in order for our nervous systems to be regulated. And a regulated brain is essential in order for us to learn anything new. As a result, we are adopting these six Rs as our guiding principles for what learning opportunities will be offered in our community and how they will be provided.

Relational (safe)

From birth, humans learn and develop our most critical skills within the context of relationships. Adult learning also requires relational safety and a sense of connection in order for optimal learning to occur.

Repetitive (Patterned)

"Neurons that fire together wire together," meaning that repetition results in strong neural associations. So patterned, repetitive opportunities for increasing knowledge and strengthening skills are essential for learning and practice changes to occur.

Respectful (of Individual, Community, Culture)

"Marginalization is a fundamental trauma."* Creating a supportive learning environment that validates the lived experiences of and fosters respect for each participant as an individual within the context of their own community and culture promotes learning, reflection, and growth.

Rhythmic (Resonant with Neural Patterns)

Rhythm keeps our nervous systems regulated, which keeps our brains ready to learn.

Rewarding (Pleasurable)

Our brains are very motivated by pleasure - we want to repeat what we enjoy. Learning should be fun!

Relevant (Developmentally Matched):

Adults have more reasonable expectations and know when and how to challenge a child to expand their skills when they understand a child's developmental strengths and difficulties. In the same way, adult learning opportunities must meet the participant where they are in their professional development, providing learning opportunities that expand skills rather than causing overwhelm.

*Perry, B. D., & Winfrey, O. (2021). What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing. New York: Flatiron Books.


Events and Opportunities

Multi-Disciplinary Networking

Monthly 1.5-hour presentations focused on collaborative, developmentally-responsive practice

  • Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

  • ESIT/Early Intervention

  • BH Integration into Primary Care

  • K12 School-based Services

  • Transitional Age Youth

  • BH Crisis Services

  • Bereavement Support Services

  • SUD

  • Perinatal BH and MOUD

  • Home Visiting

  • ...and more!

Human-Centered Practice Series

Monthly 1.5-hour presentations focused on culturally-attuned and linguistically-appropriate practices for provision of services to

  • BIPOC clients

  • Military-connected clients

  • Autistic clients

  • LGBTQIA+ clients

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing clients

  • Religious and Deconstructing clients

Intensive Training

Intensive trainings and workshops on topics related to culturally-attuned, developmentally-responsive, and neurobiologically-respectful practice.

4405 7th Ave SE

Ste 200

Lacey, WA 98503

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